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What is a grampire?

A grampire, in broad terms, is an elderly vampire.


What is

We are an image collective. This site is the intersection between our golden years and the immortal thirst for blood. We encourage all of our visitors to send in their own meditations on the theme.


How do I make my own grampire?

Your grampire collage can be slick, rough, funny, or serious. It can be photoshopped, drawn, filmed or, well, you get the picture. Use your imagination.


What if I can't make a grampire?

It's cool. We're just happy you like the site. But please, pass on the site to someone you know. Everyone loves grampires.


Where did this site come from? Grampires?

The term grampire, though we quickly discovered it wasn't uniquely ours, was the late night epiphany of designers Nicholas Kamuda and Seth Thomas. We decided to make a website based on the term mostly, I think, because we wanted to see the ways in which others were inspired by this decidedly superfluous concept.


How come all the buttons don't work? is just getting starting. But not to worry - we'll continue to grow into the mature, sophisticated, and hard-hitting grampire portal we are destined to become.


I thought vampires were immortal, how can one be elderly?

I think maybe you're missing the point.






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 is a photo collective.
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