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The Tantrum - Submitted by Seth Thomas

Grampa Borislav had always been lenient with little Grigor. As Grandma would say: Even a cold heart has a soft spot (though she may have meant that literally). Anyway, Grigor had been allowed to stay up well past dawn chasing rats and playing imaginary Hunter with non-wooden stakes up and down the dark corridors of the family castle. Needless to say, he threw quite the tantrum when he was finally told to put away the toys and crawl into his coffin.


Exercise Makes a Heart Healthy - Submitted by Seth Thomas

Even with the neighborhood kids, Grampa Lucius was generous with his time and genuinely enjoyed sharing the fruit of his centuries of experience. Having just finished demonstrating the "right" way to carry out a ritualistic sacrifice via Death Bike (as if HIS way was the ONLY way!), Grampa L held aloft the still beating heart of his victim for all to see. To the delight and rapt attention of his youthful audience, he ceremoniously took a big bite - spraying blood onto his Easter sweater. After a good laugh, Carol tugged on Grampa's sleeve. "Okay Lucius, enough showing off for one afternoon. It's time for your nap."


She Has Her Grandma's Bite - Submitted by Seth Thomas

Lucy was desperate for grandchildren, and after shuffling through two lonely centuries with an empty nest and no prospects coming from her own thirteen children, Lucy decided to take matters into her own hands. Late one Sunday night, after the hospital closed, Lucy slipped out of the shadows and into the nursery - taking care to tenderly bite the most innocent looking newborn she could find. After an hour of nervously gnawing her nails (a delicate dance for a vampire), Lucy heard the guttural coo that could only come from a newly turned vampiric infant. Lucy shed a black tear of joy as she realized that the walls of her castle would once again echo with the yelping bloodlust of her very own baby girl.


Fangs, Don't Fail Me Now - Submitted by Jonathan Nodrick


Grampa Like Duck - Submitted by Ted Chen


You May Have Already Won - Submitted by John Hepburn


From the Castle to Castlevania - Submitted by Seth Thomas

After an initial skepticism, Vanessa, Viktor, and the whole gang quickly discovered that the Wii, in fact, seemed tailored to their natural instinctive talents for clawing, scraping, and the like. These feelings are being echoed across the globe, and this "virtual" experience is early being hailed as a safe outlet for some of the demographic's more controversial social behaviors.


Don't Worry, I Ate Your Mother Out of Love - Submitted by Seth Thomas and Todd Thomas


The Slogan - Submitted by Seth Thomas


Captain Vamp

Captain Vamp - Submitted by Alison Impey

---Insert witty pun about Gore and the Environment here ---

And if any of you are curious about the real Captain Plastic...make him your friend.


largest grampire

World's Largest Grampire - Submitted by John Hepburn


Night Rider

Night Rider - Submitted by Seth Thomas

Though their human counterparts seem to prefer warmer climates and a slower pace of life as they grow into the wisdom and contentment of maturity, the Grampire, if anything, tends towards the opposite end of the behavioral spectrum. Energy, resilience, and even libido seem to gain momentum as if riding an exponential wave of lustful potential. I think this portrait, depicting Gene Murray of the Northern New England Murrays, serves as an allegory to this point.


Powerful Family

Powerful Family - Submitted by Nicholas Kamuda


Night Rider

Bitten Granddaughter - Submitted by Seth Thomas


Thee Portrait

Family Bond of Love - Submitted by Seth Thomas


I Can Has Snackz?

BabyGrampspire - Submitted by Lillian Bennett


I Can Has Snackz?

I Can Has Snacks? BRB - Submitted by Seth Thomas


Farmers Market

Saturday Morning at the Farmers' Market - Submitted by Seth Thomas






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